Drawing Larger than Life: Week 4 Toned ground or different medium

November 27, 2021

Poppy Seed-head
Dry and decaying: drawn on A2 medium grey paper in charcoal and white conte crayon

This week I ‘m encouraging everyone to use a coloured or grey A2 paper or to pick up a different drawing medium to that used so far. There are plenty to choose from; charcoal, ink, pastel or conte crayon etc. Coloured, grey or even black paper can help you think in different ways about tone; using the paper as a mid tone for example or working on black paper where the artist supplies the mid and pale tones.

The following images were all drawn on white paper using a variety of media.

Weathered Oyster Shell
Graphite and tinted graphite blocks and pastel pencil
Nectarine stone
Brown conte crayon

The subject is the same as last week, any small natural form that has to be greatly enlarged to fill an A2 or even A1 sized paper.

Your Drawings;

On green paper by Sarah
Weathered Oyster Shell
Blue-black Quink, bleach and pastel by Heather
Twig and Leaf
by Ann
Stone by Maryon
Quink, masking fluid and a touch of white pastel
Pebbles by Maryon
Quink, masking fluid and white pastel
By Sandra
by Maricarmen

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