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Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail 2016

September 20, 2016

It was such fun to be taking part in the Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail, in CAMAT’s third year.


CAMAT showcases many different genres of local creativity from textiles and ceramics to painting and printmaking.


My contribution was a show of paintings of London and the Yorkshire landscape, together with more experimental drawings and prints, and plate lithographs derived from museum drawing mixed with a little imagination.



A selection of sketchbook drawings made in Spain, Nice, the Thames, the British Museum and on trains were also displayed.




























Part of the fun or challenge was hanging the works in a non-gallery space.  My studio is not suitable so I use the living space of my home.  The constraints of hanging works in a gallery are mainly the wall space and configuration, and lighting, but by and large one is arranging works with regard to how they impact on each other.  The walls are usually white and furniture is minimal.  At home one has the colour of furniture, curtains and carpets competing for attention with the art work.


Aiming for a relatively uncluttered look that is also welcoming is what I strive to achieve, even in my rather overly patterned and colourful living space.  One day I will whitewash everything and bathe the house in cool white light.

Images are of the hang at venue 17 of CAMAT, before my wonderful visitors arrived.  Images of the artworks can be seen on the gallery page of the web site.