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Natural Forms and Landscape in Mixed Media

December 6, 2021

Eton Wick Course Student Work: Experiments and Final Compositions

This is a cumulative course in which new techniques and media were added to those already used. At any stage students were free to add elements of collage.

Week 1 Natural forms; Charcoal, Ink and Pastel (dry or with water)

Driftwood by Diana E
Cauliflower and Aubergine by Mark L
Ink and Charcoal
Rocks by Muriel B
Natural forms by Pam C
Natural Forms by Sandra D
Natural Forms by Jan B
Ink and Pastel
By Margaret
Ink and wash
By Margaret
Apple and Walnuts by Roger O
Onion by Trixie M
Pebble by Trixie M
Natural Forms
By Felicity
Ink and Charcoal
By Chris C
Grapes and Oranges
By Chris C
Sweet Chestnut by Vivienne O

Week 2 Landscapes:

Ink, pastel, charcoal pastel

Brimham Rocks by Diana E
Avenue by Mark
Mixed media collage
Collage and mixed media by Felicity
Limestone Pavement by Jan B
Tree on Rocky Outcrop by Pam C
Rocks by Roger O
Silver Birches by Vivienne O

Week 3; Wax Resist, Natural Forms Wax Crayon, Oil Pastel, Watercolour, Ink

Pumpkins and Apple by Mark L
Pomegranites by Diana E
Experiments by Diana E
Fruit by Vivienne
wax and watercolour
Layers of wax, watercolour then more wax and more watercolour with black ink outline by Chris G
Apples by Chris G
Apples in a Bowl by Chis G
Depth of apple colour built up in layers, also note shadow of the bowl is a pink wash over green crayon.
Apples on a garden Table by Vivienne O
Carrots by Vivienne O
Detail showing resist and scratching technique
Experiments with wax and watercolour by Vivienne O
Still Life of Natural Forms
Collage and mixed media by Felicity
Experiments by Jan B
Apples by Jan B
Fruit and vegetables by Trixie M
Experiments by Roger O
Wax crayon and watercolour by Margaret
Experiments with wax resist by Margaret
Leaves by Sandra D
by Sandra D

Week 4: Wax Resist: Landscape

Rocky Landscape by Pam C
Red Shed, Rye nature Reserve
by Pam C
Rocks by
Muriel B
Ancient Stones
By Chris G
By Chris C
by Chris c
Street by Chris C
Acrylic and Collage
Glowing Wood
by Roger O
Tree on the Shore
by Margaret
River with Ducks by Mark L
Mixed media collage
Tropical Storm
by Sandra D
Wax Resist experiments and Tree Shapes
by Tina H
Deep Valley
by Tina H

Week 5: Experiments with printers like sponges, rollers, bubble wrap etc. Natural Forms

Experiments with printers and watercolour washes
By Chris G
Experiments with printers
by Diana E
Experiments with Printers: Tree Shapes
By Diana E
Experiments with printers and wax resist
by Tina H
Still life of Natural Forms with Doiley
making use of printers and wax resist by Pam C

Weeks 5 and 6: Experimental, Natural Forms and Landscapes with Printers and Collage

Monument by Mark L
Mixed media; printing ink applied to corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap with a roller. These were then used as printers for the stone work and walls.
by Muriel B
By Felicity
Landscape with wax resist and printers
by Jan B
At the Edge of the Wood
by Margaret
Against the Sun
Collage and mixed media by Chris G
Autumn Trees
by Roger O
Rocky Shore
by Sandra D
by Trixie M
Tresco Garden (in progress)
by Diana
Tresco Garden (final)
By Diana
Time and Spring at Cliveden
by Vivienne
Seascape 1
By Jan B
Seascape 2
By Jan B
Fishing Boat
by Pam C
Grid with Circles
By Roger O
By Chris C
By Chris C
Stream in the Wood
by Sandra D
Silver Birches on the Thicket
By Vivienne O
by Vivienne O

Week 7: Experiments with Frottage and Sgraffito

Fallen Leaves
on black paper by Pam C
Spring and Summer by Mark L
Sgraffito: oil pastel over acrylic paint
Frottage and collage by Diana
Sgraffito experiments by Diana
Frottage experiments
by Elizabeth P
Frottage and Collage
By Elizabeth P
Frottage and Leaf Prints
By Roger O
By Muriel B
Note the sgraffito marks on the leek
Frottage and Sgraffito marks
by Tina
Frottages from found surfaces
by Vivienne O
Collage of leaf shapes frottaged with wax crayon used as a resist
By Vivienne O
Tree by Muriel B
Sgraffito on the trunk and frottaged and collaged leaves
Fish by Pam
Acrylic, collage and oil pastel sgraffito technique