Drawing Larger than Life Week 3: More Challenging Sculptural Forms

November 18, 2021


This weeks challenge will be to draw a more challenging form. The drawings should show the three dimensional form of your chosen object and also communicate surface structures and patterns with mark making.

Barnacles on a simple sea shell like a limpet as in the photos above and below would be an interesting choice as you can home in on just one barnacle or the whole limpet shell with it’s whole population of barnacles.

Limpet with Barnacles

Another choice might be a small pine cone or a detail of a large one. I have included my crib sheet to help with drawing various natural forms at the end of this post. They are all drawn at a tiny scale and your challenge as last week is to fill a sheet at least A2 in size with your tiny object.

Another idea would be a skeletonised seed head or twig where the structures usually hidden below the surface are revealed.

Lastly, bones can also make very interesting subjects and the series of photos below show the same vertebra from a species of fish with dorsal spines seen from different angles. Information on the fish would be much appreciated! The viewpoint of the object you choose to draw will be very important this week. You may even like to do a series of drawings of the same object over the next two weeks.

This photo and the two below are of a fish vertebra from a species that has a dorsal spine or spines
Strategies for drawing natural forms.
I’m sure you can make up some of your own.
There is one error at least! The axis of a pear is usually pretty straight even if the stalk bends!

Your Drawings;

All on A2 paper

Seed Head 1
Grey pastel ground,white acrylic ink, gel pen and brown pencil
by Sandra
Seed Head 2
Black Quink ink and bleach
by Sandra
Weathered Spiral Shell
Graphite pencil by Jan
Acanthus Seed Head
Graphite stick 9 and 6B pencil by Jan
Acanthus Seed Head
Reference for scale, together with graphite and ink drawings
by Jan
Charcoal and pastel by Ann
Cone of Sequoiadendron giganteum
Charcoal by malcolm
Hips of Rosa rugosa
Charcoal and graphite by Maryon
Seed Head
Charcoal by Heather
Seed Head
by Sarah
by Sarah
Dragon Fruit
Watercolour by Maricarmen
Poppy Seed-head
Charcoal by Virginia

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