Buildings Week 4: Quirky or Eccentric

October 27, 2021

15 Rue d’Escargot, St. Laurent de la Cabrerisse

This week’s challenge is to draw or paint a quirky building. The only definition I can give is that it should be a building you find strange, amusing or eccentric. One example that I could not resist is above. As the road name suggests this little lane does indeed coil round and ends so that you are forced to retrace your steps to exit. There is also a sheer drop on the other side of the house.

Below is a house that at first sight looks pretty conventional till you notice the bricked up windows and the fact that there is a strange attachment to the house next door and a very tall chimney.

Cottage near Juniper Hall: Front

When you see the rear it appears to be a very strange house indeed.

Photo of the same house from the back

I kept wondering what was beyond the mysterious white door beside the steps! Was this part of the original house before the extension and concrete steps were added?

I wonder what you will find for this challenge?

My demonstration will be from one of the images above.

Remember the basic observation of perspective is just as important this week. Also you may have to deal with shapes that are far from square and conventional, so imagining how the structure is in three dimensions may help with your drawing. If you can, choose a building you know, and have seen from several viewpoints.

Your paintings:

The Wall House: unfinished
Gouache and graphite by Maryon
Pastel by Mali
Peillon, Alpes Maritimes
Ink and pastel by Sandra
Dancing House Hotel, Prague
Pastel pencil by Malcolm

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