Painting in and around Bardi

June 12, 2019

Houses by the Castle, Bardi

This post shows some of the delightful work accomplished by students on the painting holiday at Casa Bezzia in the Parma Appenines. More at home with sketching and painting in acrylic, the group made some great paintings outside in watercolour, and by the end of the week became confident at tackling the challenges of working in a big landscape. The flowers were painted on the one really rainy day and afforded a good opportunity to experiment with colour mixing and brushwork.

Colourful Houses, Bardi

The Ceno at Ponte Lecca

The Ceno at Ponte Lecca


The Ceno at Ponte Lecca

Calves at the Vischeto Cheese Factory

A View from Pianiletto

The Mountains from Pianiletto

Derelict House at Pianiletto

Flowers from the Meadow, Pietracervara


Great brushwork

A Paeony from the Garden

A Posy from Pietracervara

Meadow Flowers with Blue Gromwell and Honeysuckle


Rain on the Ramparts, Bardi

Between the Trees


The Installation View!

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