Jo Hall at the SGFA Centenary Exhibition, the Bankside Gallery, London SE1 9JH

June 10, 2019

Jo is delighted to be showing five works at the Society of Graphic Fine Art’s Centenary Exhibition and would like to thank the SGFA President Les Williams and the Council, for putting together another brilliant showcase of Member’s work.


Haggling over Sheep, Tafraoute, Morocco

Jacaranda Time in Nice

Ancient Olive at Domaines des Colettes, Cagnes-sur-Mer

Springtime at Domaines des Colettes

Notes on the works;

“Dream” tells a story in mixed media drawn over a thin veil of Pan Pastel.

“Haggling over Sheep” is composed in watercolour and pencil from sketches made at the sheep and goat market in Tafraoute, Morocco .

“Jacaranda Time in Nice” is a view from the Chateau Gardens where the cliff falls steeply down to the old harbor with gullies filled with Jacaranda trees.

The “Ancient Olive Tree” was found in Renoir’s garden at Domaines des Colettes at Cagnes-sur-Mer, just outside Nice, and the medium is graphite pencil over a layer of pale green Pan Pastel.

“Springtime at Domaines des Colettes” is a rather fanciful interpretation of the view from Renoir’s garden toward the castle at Haute Cagnes and is in pastel.

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