Black Gold Dragon Fish

January 19, 2020

The Dragon Scorpio

No this isn’t a new game!  Just a fun workshop exploring the possibilities of using black ink and gold watercolour (imitation gold) on white paper.  It also explored pattern and the drama of surrounding an image with black.  The dragon above is called Scorpio and started life as a brush drawing during the session.  The fish below was one I prepared earlier and the other two drawings were started while trying to put a few ideas together for the workshop.

Golden Fish with Spots

Dennis the dainty dragon needed a little more colour by way of alizarin crimson, manganese blue and viridian.  Hope you like his white socks!  I may or may not give him a black ground!





Later in the year I hope to develop some of these and other fanciful beasts as prints.

Many thanks to Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead  ( for the opportunity to run regular workshops and to everyone who came to enjoy the fish and dragon session.

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