Hand Drawn at Tower 42

September 2, 2014

From the Machinery Room to 595 feet above London 

In November last year 14 members of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, the UK’s only national drawing society dedicated to drawing in all media, visited Tower 42 to sketch in three locations.  Starting in an empty office suite on floor 32, we descended to the basement pump room before ascending to the sublime Vertigo Bar 595 feet above the city, where we drew in luxury watching the sun go down, illuminating the shard like a brilliant crystal and with a panoramic view of the Thames sparkling far below.  

Best of all is that yesterday we opened an exhibition of drawings, paintings and prints located on the podium level at Tower 42, based entirely on works accomplished on or inspired by the drawing day.  I would like to express my personal thanks to all at Tower 42 who gave us the opportunity and who made us so welcome at our opening yesterday evening, and of course my fellow artists at the SGFA who contributed.  

Having lived all my life near the Thames, in London, as a child, and now much further upstream where life is a little more rural I still take every opportunity to draw in London, fascinated by the constant changes wrought by demolition and construction.  My contributions to the Exhibition are below.

 Four Red Cranes
Mixed media;ink and acrylic 

From Tower 42 Upstream
Mixed media; soluble ink acrylic and pastel
Towards Canary Wharf
Mixed media; ink and acrylic
30 St. Mary Axe 
Mixed media; ink and acrylic


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